Perfect College Match is proud to partner with The College Store. Founded by Joe Eberle, The College Store has more than 20 years of experience working with students and provides unique, personalized service that is tailored to each personal situation.  “From college selection and application to getting the best financial assistance, we’ve done the footwork for you. You’ll get a personalized assistance and expert advice, fitting your exact needs.”

Areas of assistance include:
Preparing for the SATs and ACTs
Finding the Right College
Applying to College
Finding the Money for College:
Getting accepted into your chosen College(s)
Choosing the right Major

From founder Joe Eberle, “We offer an unparalleled roadmap to successfully find your way through the collection of tests, applications, admissions forms and deadlines, financing hurdles and other challenges encountered on the journey toward a college career. The College Store works with your student from high school through college. “

The College Store does for students what Perfect College Match does for student-athletes – give them the right plan to enable their college goals.

Joe Eberle
Office: 303-424-3970
Cell: 720-841-0809