We’re a marketing and mentoring (management) firm for student-athletes and their families. We market powerfully to generate interest, then manage everything downstream from that so that interest is not just converted into offers, but the right offers.


  • Professional, Powerful Online Recruiting Profile – Each profile is built with the goal of differentiating our clients – as athletes, as students, and as people.
  • Target List of Schools – Based on each student-athlete’s athletic and academic abilities, social fit and interests. A personal list of target schools is then crafted, taking into account probable fits for both student-athletes and colleges that typically include anywhere from 200-800 schools.
  • Email Correspondence– PCM begins by introducing the student-athlete through email to each school and coach by name and is tailored specifically for each student-athlete. This is not a fill in the blanks composition. We highlight the differentiating features and characteristics of each student-athlete and why he/she may be a good fit for that school and its athletic program. Afterward, PCM will send follow up and micro campaign correspondences with the goal of keeping the student-athlete in front of coaches and building important relationships with college coaching staffs.
  • Personal Mentoring – Learning to network with coaches and admissions officers is essential in the student- athlete’s recruiting success. Gaining interest is not enough. PCM professionals continuously coach each family through every step of the process.
  • Highlight Video –PCM will annually edit and prepare the student-athlete’s highlight and/or skills video for his/her online recruiting profile. Each video is designed to attract the interest of college coaches, and is specifically designed around the skill set of each student-athlete. We can also link video from other media sources on an ongoing basis throughout the year to the student-athlete’s website.
  • Data Tracking and Analysis – Once the student-athlete is marketed, PCM is able to track interest around that marketing campaign. We know when Coach gets an email, reads it, visits a website, watches a video, and how many times. This data feeds back into our process to make it more efficient and effective moving forward.